Connect & discover a better deal.

Connect & trade produce, faster.

Freshdeal is a B2B platform for produce industry pro's to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow.

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Discover new opportunities.

Freshdeal automatically monitors fruit & vegetable markets to find you deals to buy or sell, with less work.

Set-up your profile in less than two minutes to get one simple daily notification with the latest activity that matches your profile and products - ready to connect directly with the buyers or sellers you choose.


Multiply your connections.

Freshdeal expands your access to find more & better buyers or sellers of produce. Let our technology do the search and initial contact work for you - We'll connect you with the users that are ready to talk business.

Create a post to buy or sell in the Marketplace, and we'll notify the right users, which can then contact you directly to start a conversation.


Freshdeal B2B Marketplace
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Save hours of work.

Spend less time calling and emailing - With Freshdeal, all it takes is two minutes. Just ask what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll let the right people know.

Freshdeal automated notifications

Get more opportunities with automated notifications

Freshdeal automatically monitors market activity to let you know anytime there's an opportunity that fits your business, so you can stay on top of the market & connect directly with the latest opportunities.

Freshdeal posts to trade buy sell produce fruit vegetables

Reach thousands of potential partners with just one post.

Skip the pain and effort of going through directories and search results - Just post what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll find the right contacts, and invite them to connect directly with you.

Freshdeal verified user profiles

Cut the guesswork with verified user profiles

Spend less time researching & worrying about new partners - Freshdeal comes with verified profiles so you always know who you're doing business with.


Find safe & reliable partners.

We verify every user on the platform. That means the partners you meet through Freshdeal are different - they are safer, more reliable, and trustworthy.

Know more about new or potential partners with full profiles that include company info, reviews, and ratings, and more -that way you can trade with more information and peace of mind.

Freshdeal Verified Profiles
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Get more than just a marketplace.

With Freshdeal, you get more than just an app or a website - Our platform combines the best design & tech with access to a full support team, and a group of partners that provide solutions for your needs in logistics, quality, and marketing, among other.

Freshdeal support team

Help & support, on-demand

Freshdeal includes a dedicated support team to help you discover and connect with opportunities that grow your produce business. Just call or send us a message anytime you need support, have a question, or need to solve an issue.

Freshdeal solutions from partners

Industry solutions from our partner providers

We understand that growing takes more than just finding who to trade with. There’s quality, safety, logistics, regulation, and a ton of other things to deal with. We’ve covered that too - Freshdeal partners with companies that provide solutions to help you with import/export, logistics, insurance, equipment/machinery, quality, packaging,  tech, and marketing/sales.


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