How to find more reliable buyers or sellers, faster

As a buyer or seller in the produce industry, life challenges you every day. There are pain and endless effort of going through directories, calling and emailing. And even once you find a partner, who seems to match your offer or demand, there is an eternal doubt about his identity - "can I trust him, is he reliable …"

Well, we’ve been there and we’ve done that. And we don’t want to ever go back again, which is why we created The Solution.

Freshdeal is a B2B platform for produce industry pro's to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow. We make searching (for the right buyer or seller) effortless and fast. Once you set up your profile (in less than 2 minutes), our technology does the work for you - we connect you with the users that are ready to talk business.

While you are busy multiplying your connections, we make sure that all of your contacts are safe, reliable and trustworthy, so you can spend less time researching & worrying about the identity of your new partners.

Less effort = More reliable buyers and sellers

We present you our new company video so you can get a better idea of how Freshdeal works!

New Freshdeal Website

Welcome to our new website:

We’ve spent the last few months developing a more powerful, easier, and safer way to discover new market opportunities and connect with verified buyers and sellers of produce.

With the new version of Freshdeal you can:

Discover new opportunities: Freshdeal automatically monitors the market to find you deals to buy or sell produce and send you notifications to save time.

Multiply your connections: Create a post to buy or sell in the Marketplace, and we'll notify the right users, which can then contact you directly to start a conversation.

Save hours of work: We’ll do the work for you: one daily digest of notifications, instead of browsing through directories or search results - we find you partners that fit your profile so you can get to more direct conversations, faster)

Connect with safe and reliable partners: We verify every user on the platform. That means the partners you meet in Freshdeal are different - they are safer, more reliable, and trustworthy.

Get more than just a marketplace: Our platform combines the best design & tech with access to a full support team, and a group of partners that provide solutions for your needs in logistics, quality, and marketing, among other.

And that’s not all - We’ll be releasing more features every week, building on an already powerful solution to grow your business.

Be among the first to explore the New Freshdeal:


Announcing a few major updates!

Four BIG updates coming to Freshdeal: Matchmaking, Verified user profiles, Solutions from our partners, and more!

Matchmaking: Freshdeal now automatically monitors market activity to let you know anytime there's an opportunity that fits your business, so you can stay on top of the market & connect directly with the latest opportunities. Save hours of work and pain - Skip the pain and effort of going through directories and search results - the matchmaking system it will take only few minutes to connect with other users that our automatic algorithm will detect as your perfect matches.

Verified user profiles: know exactly who are you dealing with - we're committed to creating a highly professional platform. With this goal in mind, we developed a comprehensive verification program to make sure you have the information and resources to conduct your due diligence. That means the partners you meet in Freshdeal are different - they are safer, more reliable, and trust-worthy. Know more about new or potential partners with full profiles that include company info, reviews, and ratings, and more -that way you can trade with more information and peace of mind.

Get matched with buyers or sellers of produce

Finding the right buyer or seller in the produce industry is not always easy. Actually, it’s never easy. It usually involves hours of searching, calling, emailing to find the right contacts, while under pressure for shipping / delivery timelines. And even then, it's even harder to trust new partners.

Freshdeal exists to solve these and similar pain points. We've been there, so we understand the pain, effort, and time it takes. But we've also brought a team of experts in technology, design, and global operations to help you solve the problem.

One of the ways we're solving the problem is by cutting the work of browsing through directories and search results, and replacing it with an automated matchmaking system. In simple words, Freshdeal automatically monitors the market to find you opportunities to buy or sell produce, with less work.

Just set-up your profile in less than two minutes to get one simple daily notification with the latest market activity that matches your profile and products - ready to connect directly with the buyers or sellers you choose. Freshdeal automatically monitors market activity to let you know anytime there's an opportunity that fits your business, so you can stay on top of the market & connect directly with the latest opportunities.

You can also post what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll find the right contacts, and invite them to connect directly with you.

This is one way in which Freshdeal can help you both grow your business (by multiplying your connections), but also save you hours of work (otherwise spent searching and browsing).

But that's enough for words - Click here to explore it yourself!

Finding Better Marketplaces To Trade Fresh Produce

Farmers, distributors, and retailers are constantly seeking out international trade opportunities. Bolivian ag producers are expanding trade in Argentina, a country that already claims 90 percent of Bolivia’s banana exports. Peru recently joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an international trade bloc responsible for obtaining 40 percent of global food production. In 2015 the European Union exported 129 trillion Euro in produce, a six percent increase from the previous year (Fresh Plaza).

When engaging in international trade, ag producers often struggle to find partners who understand the importance of reliability,  availability, and speed in the produce industry. Unfortunately, most online produce marketplaces have unreliable users, delayed response times, and a limited amount of available produce. But there are some emerging produce marketplaces, like Freshdeal, that have broken from the traditional wholesale model to create a new, innovative system for engaging in agricultural trade.

Five things to look for when choosing a produce marketplace

  1. Reliability – You need reliable partners who will pay and ship produce orders as promised. Look for marketplaces that verify users based on reliability and quality.
  2. Speed – Produce is perishable, so your orders should be processed as quickly as possible. Choose online marketplaces that provide fast responses and real time opportunity notifications.
  3. Availability – Your business depends on regular access to quality produce. The best online marketplaces provide up to the minute produce availability so that users can buy and sell in real time.
  4. Support – A successful trade arrangement doesn’t end with your produce order. Choose an online marketplace that provides transportation, promotion, and quality assurance services as part of their support system.
  5. Safety – Even the best trade arrangements can sometimes fall through. When looking for an online marketplace, make sure they offer credit insurance to protect your investment in every trade.

Freshdeal, a wholesale produce marketplace, specializes in speed and availability so users have full access to reliable partners and available produce. For example, Freshdeal goes beyond matchmaking to provide transportation support, quality assurance, verification, and credit insurance for buyers and sellers.

Trade Innovations In Agriculture

Food is quickly becoming one of the most valuable global commodities. According to The World Bank, the world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed the global population by 2050. Agricultural trade is inefficient, and businesses throughout the supply chain need innovative solutions to improve the global agricultural market. Our methods for agricultural production and trade need to keep pace with the growing demand for fresh, affordable produce.

Factors In Agricultural Trade Innovation

Technology is a key player in 21st century agricultural trade innovation. Online markets have transformed global trade, but widespread access to computer technology and mobile devices is limited to the developed world. New marketplaces, like Freshdeal, are working to make online agricultural markets accessible to farmers and retailers worldwide.

Speed is essential to successful agricultural trade. Efficient markets should move fresh produce quickly through the buying cycle. Unfortunately, the global agricultural market has failed to respond to the urgent needs of producers and retailers with perishable products. New agricultural marketplaces help retailers secure transportation and allow farmers to quickly move their produce.

Transparency & Trust are important factors in trade innovation. Without a standard verification process, buyers and sellers enter into trade agreements without any guarantee that their partners are legitimate. Retailers are often hesitant to extend credit or trust farmers until they have established a long term relationship. Emerging marketplaces are working with information service providers and insurance companies to develop a verification process their users can trust.

Impact of Trade Innovations In Agriculture

Trade innovations have an immediate impact on the agricultural market.  Farmers are able to quickly sell their produce and gain access to more buyers. Retailers can easily secure the produce they need through reliable channels. Farmers and retailers both benefit from better information, efficient supply chains, and greater trust as they trade with new partners.

Online marketplaces like Freshdeal  are changing the landscape of agricultural trade. Farmers and retailers connect through Freshdeal’s online platform to trade produce anytime, anywhere. With reliable technology, transportation, and trustworthy users they are revolutionizing the industry, one order at a time.

Innovation in Produce Trade is Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a constant concern in the retail and agricultural industry, where climate and market conditions often create situations where produce is sold at a drastic discount or even destroyed. Unstable produce markets have a devastating effect on global food production: according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the world loses or squanders a third of the food it produces.

In agriculture, waste is prevalent at every stage of the supply chain. Rock bottom prices recently forced Spanish farmers to destroy 50 percent of their lettuce crop in an attempt to stabilize the market. In light of Europe’s food waste epidemic, France enacted a law that bans supermarkets from destroying or throwing away food.

Agricultural food waste is driven by food surpluses, when producers are unable to find the right buyers or the right prices for their crop. However, innovation in this industry is often focused on increasing productivity and crop yields, or on logistics and transportation. However, innovation in trade activities, such as online marketplaces, can drive a considerable reduction in food waste by providing a more transparent market, and more visibility into fair prices and current availability. For example, new marketplaces like Freshdeal allow farmers, distributors and retailers to trade surplus produce and prevent agricultural waste.

Wholesale produce marketplaces combat food waste by providing:

  • Options – New marketplaces allow to sell their surplus produce for profit instead of destroying food or trading at rock bottom prices.
  • Transparency – Buyers are given access to user information and multiple offers to choose the best partners and trades possible.
  • Speed – New marketplaces provide fast responses to customer requests and support for transportation, quality assurance, and credit insurance.

Freshdeal, a B2B platform that allows produce industry pros to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow. Farmers and retailers can trade produce anytime, anywhere, knowing that they will receive a direct and quick response from verified users.