Innovation in Produce Trade is Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a constant concern in the retail and agricultural industry, where climate and market conditions often create situations where produce is sold at a drastic discount or even destroyed. Unstable produce markets have a devastating effect on global food production: according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the world loses or squanders a third of the food it produces.

In agriculture, waste is prevalent at every stage of the supply chain. Rock bottom prices recently forced Spanish farmers to destroy 50 percent of their lettuce crop in an attempt to stabilize the market. In light of Europe’s food waste epidemic, France enacted a law that bans supermarkets from destroying or throwing away food.

Agricultural food waste is driven by food surpluses, when producers are unable to find the right buyers or the right prices for their crop. However, innovation in this industry is often focused on increasing productivity and crop yields, or on logistics and transportation. However, innovation in trade activities, such as online marketplaces, can drive a considerable reduction in food waste by providing a more transparent market, and more visibility into fair prices and current availability. For example, new marketplaces like Freshdeal allow farmers, distributors and retailers to trade surplus produce and prevent agricultural waste.

Wholesale produce marketplaces combat food waste by providing:

Options – New marketplaces allow to sell their surplus produce for profit instead of destroying food or trading at rock bottom prices.
Transparency – Buyers are given access to user information and multiple offers to choose the best partners and trades possible.
Speed – New marketplaces provide fast responses to customer requests and support for transportation, quality assurance, and credit insurance.
Freshdeal, a B2B platform that allows produce industry pros to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow. Farmers and retailers can trade produce anytime, anywhere, knowing that they will receive a direct and quick response from verified users.

Jose Baptista