How to find more reliable buyers or sellers, faster

As a buyer or seller in the produce industry, life challenges you every day. There are pain and endless effort of going through directories, calling and emailing. And even once you find a partner, who seems to match your offer or demand, there is an eternal doubt about his identity - "can I trust him, is he reliable …"

Well, we’ve been there and we’ve done that. And we don’t want to ever go back again, which is why we created The Solution.

Freshdeal is a B2B platform for produce industry pro's to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow. We make searching (for the right buyer or seller) effortless and fast. Once you set up your profile (in less than 2 minutes), our technology does the work for you - we connect you with the users that are ready to talk business.

While you are busy multiplying your connections, we make sure that all of your contacts are safe, reliable and trustworthy, so you can spend less time researching & worrying about the identity of your new partners.

Less effort = More reliable buyers and sellers

We present you our new company video so you can get a better idea of how Freshdeal works!