Finding Better Marketplaces To Trade Fresh Produce

Farmers, distributors, and retailers are constantly seeking out international trade opportunities. Bolivian ag producers are expanding trade in Argentina, a country that already claims 90 percent of Bolivia’s banana exports. Peru recently joined the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an international trade bloc responsible for obtaining 40 percent of global food production. In 2015 the European Union exported 129 trillion Euro in produce, a six percent increase from the previous year (Fresh Plaza).

When engaging in international trade, ag producers often struggle to find partners who understand the importance of reliability,  availability, and speed in the produce industry. Unfortunately, most online produce marketplaces have unreliable users, delayed response times, and a limited amount of available produce. But there are some emerging produce marketplaces, like Freshdeal, that have broken from the traditional wholesale model to create a new, innovative system for engaging in agricultural trade.

Five things to look for when choosing a produce marketplace

  1. Reliability – You need reliable partners who will pay and ship produce orders as promised. Look for marketplaces that verify users based on reliability and quality.
  2. Speed – Produce is perishable, so your orders should be processed as quickly as possible. Choose online marketplaces that provide fast responses and real time opportunity notifications.
  3. Availability – Your business depends on regular access to quality produce. The best online marketplaces provide up to the minute produce availability so that users can buy and sell in real time.
  4. Support – A successful trade arrangement doesn’t end with your produce order. Choose an online marketplace that provides transportation, promotion, and quality assurance services as part of their support system.
  5. Safety – Even the best trade arrangements can sometimes fall through. When looking for an online marketplace, make sure they offer credit insurance to protect your investment in every trade.

Freshdeal, a wholesale produce marketplace, specializes in speed and availability so users have full access to reliable partners and available produce. For example, Freshdeal goes beyond matchmaking to provide transportation support, quality assurance, verification, and credit insurance for buyers and sellers.