Get matched with buyers or sellers of produce

Finding the right buyer or seller in the produce industry is not always easy. Actually, it’s never easy. It usually involves hours of searching, calling, emailing to find the right contacts, while under pressure for shipping / delivery timelines. And even then, it's even harder to trust new partners.

Freshdeal exists to solve these and similar pain points. We've been there, so we understand the pain, effort, and time it takes. But we've also brought a team of experts in technology, design, and global operations to help you solve the problem.

One of the ways we're solving the problem is by cutting the work of browsing through directories and search results, and replacing it with an automated matchmaking system. In simple words, Freshdeal automatically monitors the market to find you opportunities to buy or sell produce, with less work.

Just set-up your profile in less than two minutes to get one simple daily notification with the latest market activity that matches your profile and products - ready to connect directly with the buyers or sellers you choose. Freshdeal automatically monitors market activity to let you know anytime there's an opportunity that fits your business, so you can stay on top of the market & connect directly with the latest opportunities.

You can also post what you're looking to buy or sell, and we'll find the right contacts, and invite them to connect directly with you.

This is one way in which Freshdeal can help you both grow your business (by multiplying your connections), but also save you hours of work (otherwise spent searching and browsing).

But that's enough for words - Click here to explore it yourself!