Trade Innovations In Agriculture

Food is quickly becoming one of the most valuable global commodities. According to The World Bank, the world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed the global population by 2050. Agricultural trade is inefficient, and businesses throughout the supply chain need innovative solutions to improve the global agricultural market. Our methods for agricultural production and trade need to keep pace with the growing demand for fresh, affordable produce.

Factors In Agricultural Trade Innovation

Technology is a key player in 21st century agricultural trade innovation. Online markets have transformed global trade, but widespread access to computer technology and mobile devices is limited to the developed world. New marketplaces, like Freshdeal, are working to make online agricultural markets accessible to farmers and retailers worldwide.

Speed is essential to successful agricultural trade. Efficient markets should move fresh produce quickly through the buying cycle. Unfortunately, the global agricultural market has failed to respond to the urgent needs of producers and retailers with perishable products. New agricultural marketplaces help retailers secure transportation and allow farmers to quickly move their produce.

Transparency & Trust are important factors in trade innovation. Without a standard verification process, buyers and sellers enter into trade agreements without any guarantee that their partners are legitimate. Retailers are often hesitant to extend credit or trust farmers until they have established a long term relationship. Emerging marketplaces are working with information service providers and insurance companies to develop a verification process their users can trust.

Impact of Trade Innovations In Agriculture

Trade innovations have an immediate impact on the agricultural market.  Farmers are able to quickly sell their produce and gain access to more buyers. Retailers can easily secure the produce they need through reliable channels. Farmers and retailers both benefit from better information, efficient supply chains, and greater trust as they trade with new partners.

Online marketplaces like Freshdeal  are changing the landscape of agricultural trade. Farmers and retailers connect through Freshdeal’s online platform to trade produce anytime, anywhere. With reliable technology, transportation, and trustworthy users they are revolutionizing the industry, one order at a time.